Easy Vegan On-the-Go Lunches

Friends! Happy Wednesday!

This week has been quite an interesting one for yours truly and yours truly’s boyfriend. And it’s only Wednesday.

After weeks (read: months) of eating not the right things and exercising only sporadically (if at all), Mark and I decided that this week would be our week to get back on track. This consists of:

Drinking at least 64-oz. water a day. <– I’m one of those people who completely forgets to drink anything all day long. But since I’ve started to keep track of my water intake, I feel super refreshed and hydrated. (and, on the other hand, I feel like I’m floating. But in a good way.)
Exercising every day. <– Yoga has been my exercise of choice, but I will head over to our community gym and go on the elliptical. I’m so not a runner, so the elliptical is my best bet for a solid cardio workout.
Eating right. <– This one right here is our focus today.
Perhaps I should say, eating lunch. I frequently skip lunch during the work/school week because I’m either too busy or just snacking all day long. So because of our newfound health goals, I’m taking it upon myself to actually put some effort into making an actual lunch each day.

And with the back-to-school mayhem starting back up in a week or so, I figured this post might be able to help some of you out, too. I’m here for you, peeps :)

Whether you’re heading off to work or school, these lunch ideas are healthy, filling, and downright delicious. But, most importantly, you’re able to make all of them ahead of time for a stress-free, care-free lunchtime feast.


For full instructions you can go to : https://www.fooduzzi.com

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